Fallen Trees at the River Edge

Erosion at the edge of the river by river current and water penetration into the soil loosens the roots of tall mature spruce trees.  The inevitable – that the tree will fall – is hastened by winter wind storms and by the weight of snow in the branches. 
Fallen Trees at the River Edge

Watercolor on Saunders Waterford paper, 5″ x 7″, signed and dated
This painting is available for sale – $100. USD – shipping extra
Inquiries email mavis.penney@gmail.com

Visit “Off the Highway” our “100 Days 100 Paintings” blog to see more landscapes from Labrador, Canada and Nebraska, U.S. A. Only until July! Leave a comment  by May 7 and you could win a painting! Check it out at:  http://offthehighway.wordpress.com/


One Response to “Fallen Trees at the River Edge”

  1. Found you over at 31dBBB. You might have an interest in my blog. I’m an artist and writer myself and have a blog that is about trying to find ways to promote my art. I’m looking into different online venues as well as art shows. Anyway…hope you are enjoying the class! This painting is very serene, love the feel of it!

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