Blog Triage: A Mirror for Readers, plus 6 Goals for the Blog

By Mavis Penney

April 22, 2009

Category: Blog Triage


With a commitment to building a more vibrant blog, I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield. So, for the next few weeks, this art blog will add the feature of being a Learning Laboratory on how to improve my blogging techniques. Don’t worry there will still be paintings, too!

 Disclaimer: I am also working through Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, so I will use this space to practice some exercises from this class as well. There are no purists here!

 Today’s first assignment for Blog Triage is:

 Who are the type(s) of people you would like to visit and read your blog?   


If you’re already reading this, here’s your mirror. 

 Age: You are Adults, 35 and better

 Background: You are well-educated. Aware of things going on around you. Practical. Readers, mostly of current non-fiction. Museum-goers. You have substantial travel experience. Some personal experience with painting, but with an overwhelming desire to collect and enjoy artwork, especially landscapes and representational subject matter you are familiar with. : You are North American or European, possibly re-located to other parts of the world 

  Interests: You enjoy art and are interested in collecting art. Other interests include Ecology and environmental awareness, especially sub-arctic and northern wilderness ecological subjects. History and Art history. Travel, especially related to your areas of interest.

 Comfort Level with Blogs: You are very comfortable with computers and with using the Internet. Relatively comfortable with blogs. You will enter into a discussion in the comments section of a blog if it will lead to an exchange of useful information. You are not interested in experiences that may turn into a waste of time. 

 Today’s other assignment is:

 Write about what YOU want to get from blogging.My Purpose for being in this course: to improve my blogs, increase the audience for my work, improve the sales of my paintings.

 Ah, purpose, vision, goals! 

 My Vision for the completion of this course: I will be a more confident and more capable blogger. I will know how to use more of the technical features of blogs, including HTML and CSS coding, feeds including RSS, analysis tools and how to use statistical info. I will be better able to design well-laid-out pages and to include more information of interest to my viewers. I will have more viewers, and they will be purchasing my artwork.

 My Goals, particularly what I want to get from blogging: By May 20, the end of the Blog Triage course, I want

(1) to have increased my site traffic at “Labrador Landscape” to consistently over 100 page views a day. I want
(2) to have returning viewers and new viewers carrying on a regular dialog in the comment section every day. I want
(3) sales of the artwork I am displaying on the blog, of one painting sold for every two paintings that I post. My Goals, for how the blogging will help me grow personally: I want
(4) to continue to paint every day for the blog, and to expand my painting to works larger than the 5×7’s that the blog is using. I want
(5) to continue to develop my painting technique and to become known for my unique painting style. I want
(6) to build a body of work that I can use for a solo exhibition by November 2009.


 Gee, that sounds like a tall order for a month’s effort! But that’s what I want. Stick around and watch me do it!”

















































4 Responses to “Blog Triage: A Mirror for Readers, plus 6 Goals for the Blog”

  1. Mavis, I think it’s interesting that you tied up your art production goals with your blog goals–that you see them linked. Maybe you’re using your blog to hold you accountable?

  2. Hi Alyson:

    For now, yes, I am using my blogs to hold me accountable for my level of production. This is one of three blogs that I post to regularly, and yes, some days it is my commitment to the blog that holds my feet to the fire so that I get my work done.

    Artistic passion and the challenge of developing a technique are all very well, but sometimes it is the idea of an audience waiting to see the work that keeps the brushes wet!

    Thanks for reading between the lines!

  3. Mavis, I love your clarity, especially for your targeted readership. Great job!

    • Hi Cynthia:

      Actually, the blog didn’t start with a targeted readership, it started so I would have a place to display the artwork I was creating. Now that I have defined who might be interested in seeing and purchasing my artwork, I need to find ways to reach them and invite them to visit. That’s coming up in Blog Triage, I’m sure!

      It’s great to be working with you and Alyson again,

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