Melting Ice at Birch Island Creek #3

From a distance the ice on the Churchill River looks like a solid mass of white, but it is starting to get thin and break up.  However, the snow on the Mealy Mountains will continue to be visible for some time. 
Melting Ice at Birch Island Creek #3

Watercolor on Saunders Waterford paper, 5″ x 7″, signed and dated
This painting is available for sale – $100. USD – shipping extra
Inquiries email

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6 Responses to “Melting Ice at Birch Island Creek #3”

  1. Mavis,

    This painting is lovely – it feels crisp and cool and calming all at the same time. I like your blog layout very much too.

    • Hi Katherine:
      Thanks for the good words about the painting… and thanks, too, for your comment about the layout of the blog. All credit to the template!

      I’m debating taking Alyson’s advice concerning opening up the blog comments and not making people wait for approval. What were your thoughts as you were waiting?
      BTW, Katherine… I liked the changes you made on your blog layout, especially the header. Very professional looking.

  2. Mavis,

    Agree, your painting is calming…I admire people that can work with watercolors, it’s not easy. Hope your having a peaceful day, Magdalena

    • Hi Magdalena:
      I am having a fine time in this Blog Triage class visiting fellow student’s websites and blogs and getting to know new people, and their techniques.
      I’m also learning a lot about blogging from the problems folks are posting to the class.
      Thank you, Magdalena, for your kind remarks about my watercolors. I appreciate your comments!

  3. Mavis, Lovely painting and very interesting palette. Linda

    • Hi Linda:
      Thanks for checking in on my Labrador landscape blog and for your kind comments on the painting. Although this painting-a-day project is finished, I am glad there are visitors like you who are interested in looking at the work and who take the time to make a comment about it. You mentioned my choice of colors. The palette for this painting was most likely ultramarine blue mixed with a little phthalo blue, alizarin crimson, and either azo or hansa yellow. If I’d have kept studio notes I could tell you exactly!
      Thanks for asking…

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