Mist on Birch Island

Evening  changes in temperature create mist over the water, and light breezes fan the mist up over the river bank and into the trees. In the fall of the year this mist feels spooky, but in the spring, it’s a welcome sign of quiet summer evenings to come!   
Mist on Birch Island

Oil  on Art Board,  5″ x 7″, signed and dated
This painting is available for sale – $100. USD – shipping extra
Inquiries email mavis.penney@gmail.com

Visit “Off the Highway” our “100 Days 100 Paintings” blog to see more landscapes from Labrador, Canada and Nebraska, U.S. A. Only until July!

Check it out at:  http://offthehighway.wordpress.com/


2 Responses to “Mist on Birch Island”

  1. Hello Mavis,

    I found your blog via Alyson’s post about Blog Triage graduates, and since I have roots in NWR, decided to check out your work.

    It’s lovely and evocative, conjuring up a great sense of place.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Carrie:
      Thanks for mentioning your Labrador roots, I looked at your blog and I LOVE your Labra-hat! The colours look beautiful in the texture of the wool. If you’re interested in looking at the Archives on this blog, some of the “Labrador Landscape” paintings are of scenes around Northwest River, it’s a beautiful place!
      Thanks for your encouragement!

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