New Life from the Ashes

Less than three weeks ago, a forest fire whipped through this timber stand just outside a municipal park near Happy Valley-Goose Bay.  Firefighting airplanes, helicopters, firetrucks and ground crews kept the fire from jumping the highway and destroying the RV park  on the other side of the road.   There were people camped in tents in the area, too, so it was very fortunate that no one was hurt, and the remnants of the fire were put out after several days.  And now, not even twenty days afterwards , the roots of these trees are sending out new shoots and greenery in  the midst of what looks like destruction.  There’s a moral here: Even if you suffer total disaster, if you have firmly grounded roots, you can regrow and grow stronger from the ashes of what surrounds you.

New Life in the Ashes

Oil  on canvas,  5″ x 7″, signed and dated
This painting is available for sale – $100. USD – shipping extra
Inquiries email

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