- Penney - Aug14 - Inukshuk at Sunset

Inukshuk at Sunset

– An Inukshuk is an arrangement of stones traditionally placed to mark a good location, or to indicate a good direction along a trail.

People might also build an Inukshuk to demonstrate “I was here” in a particular place.  For me, this particular Inukshuk celebrates me reaching my goal – 100 Days of a-painting-a-day at our “Off the Highway” blog. This Inukshuk also points me farther in my creative journey. I am grateful for all of yourcomments and suggestions during the past several months. Thank you for joining us “Off the Highway” and sharing our experiences.  –

Inukshuk at Sunset

Oil  on canvas,  5″ x 7″, signed and dated
This painting is available for sale. 
Inquiries email mavis.penney@gmail.com

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